Why are tiles so popular for bathrooms?

For generations, tiles have been the ideal choice for walls and floors in bathrooms. They're durable, they're functional, and there's loads of freedom with design. These three factors have meant that their popularity hasn't wavered over the years.
Why are tiles so popular for bathrooms?

Tiles are incredibly water-resistant, and easy to clean. They can withstand moisture and wear over many decades. It's easy to create a unique style with tiles – different colours, patterns, shapes and textures means a bathroom can be personalised to reflect any style.

Choosing the right material

The best choice of tile material for any bathroom is often ceramic or porcelain, both of which offer great functionality, durability and design options. Vinyl can be an interesting choice if the focus is on practicality rather than aesthetics. Stones tiles can look very appealing, and are a solid consideration if the budget is a bit bigger, although they can feel quite cold. Other options include engineered wood, laminate flooring, or hardwood, although these could be less suitable finishes than tiles of any type.

Personalise it

Designing a bathroom and choosing the best tiles for the space can be difficult tasks. Common major pitfalls include choosing the wrong colour, or mixing too many different styles in the one space. We recommend going for mostly one style of tile, and then mixing it up with a few patterned ones on a feature wall, or perhaps within a border. It's a good idea to limit the variety of tiles to two or three different styles.

Another option which can add an extra dimension to the design is a contrasting grout colour. Tread carefully, and don't forget that different colours can affect your wellbeing.