Why are you doing this maintenance work now?

Because security updates are needed to the Weber Rewards website.

How long will it take?

We aim to have Weber Rewards website and app back up and online again by 20th December 2019. We will let you know as soon as the website and app are available.

Who do I contact about my Weber Rewards account or outstanding orders?

For all account enquiries during this period please email info@loveweber.co.uk. Any existing orders placed before 5th December will be processed as normal.

What happens if I want to redeem my points?

Please initially email info@loveweber.co.uk and we will help you redeem your points.

Can I redeem my points in time for Christmas?

Any requests for gifts to be redeemed in time for Christmas must be made before 12th December 2019 by emailing info@loveweber.co.uk.

Will I lose any points as a result of this update?

No – your account will not be affected and you will have exactly the same number of points on the system.

Can I still use the ‘Redeem on the Go’ app?

No – security updates are required to the app too and this will also be unavailable.

Can I upload points during this time?

No, uploading points will not be possible. Please keep your stickers safe and they can be uploaded as normal once the website and app are back online.

How do I find out how many points I have?

For all account enquiries please email info@loveweber.co.uk.

For any account queries, please email info@loveweber.co.uk.