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    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    weberjoint premium

    Love our adhesive.  Now love our grout. Introducing our new, rapid-setting, flexible floor and wall tile grout with PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology available in 18 colours. Click here to find out more.

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    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    Generate your FREE M40 outline tiling specification

    The new easy-to-use online WeberSpec tool allows you to create up-to-date and technically accurate M40 outline tiling specifications to the British NBS Standard BS 5385, the recognised Code of Practice for wall and floor tiling. Click here to find out more.

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    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    weberset pro lite – rapid

    Our new floor tile adhesive ticks all the right boxes! 

    It’s ultra flexible (S2), lightweight, rapid setting (grout in 2 hours), versatile, benefits from Low Dust Technology™ and its ECO formulation contains Cement Replacement Technology! 

    Click here to find out more

  • weber rewards Xbox One™ – 90,000 points
    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    Xbox One™ – 90,000 points

    Xbox One™ brings you a total games and entertainment experience. The largest library of games, including titles that get you right into the thick of it with Kinect. Plus, your whole family can watch HD movies, TV shows, live events, music, sports and more — across all your devices.

  • Weber Rewards Spa day – 33,500 points
    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    Spa day – 33,500 points

    Take a bit of time for yourself with our fantastic spa day treats. From four star boutique hotels to relaxing countryside retreats. There is a place to relax for everyone.

  • Weber Rewards Power wash – 27,000 points
    Weber Rewards Tiling Adhesive
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    Power wash – 27,000 points

    Transform the exterior of your home with the Kärcher K2 pressure washer. It’s compact, lightweight and features a powerful dirtblaster lance that will make light work of tackling those awkward jobs



Title: 11.912 weber PR360

Size: 111325 kb

Title: 11.150 weberfloor level

Size: 101181 kb

Title: 11.310 weberfloor flex

Size: 168684 kb

Title: 11.800 webersys protect

Size: 95464 kb


Title: 11.003 weberfix WR

Size: 112275 kb

Title: 11.010 weberfix pro lite

Size: 118281 kb

Title: 11.001 weberfix

Size: 105842 kb

Title: 11.002 weberfix plus

Size: 113873 kb


Title: 11.025-weberset-plus

Size: 106022 kb

Title: 11.029-weberset-pro-lite-rapid

Size: 224986 kb

Title: 11.202-weberset-thick-bed

Size: 96727 kb

Title: 11.902-weber-AD250

Size: 98035 kb

Title: 11.023-weberset-rapid-plus

Size: 134265 kb

Title: 11.039-weberset-SPF

Size: 97556 kb

Title: 11.040-weberset-rapid-SPF

Size: 194844 kb

Title: 11.029 weberset pro lite – rapid

Size: 230946 kb


Title: weberjoint premium datasheet

Size: 522773 kb

Title: 11.065 weberepox easy

Size: 96926 kb

Title: 11.903 weberjoint silicone

Size: 88278 kb

Title: 11.060 weberjoint wall

Size: 101316 kb

Title: 11.061 weberjoint wide

Size: 117991 kb

Title: 11.062 weberjoint wide flex

Size: 121306 kb


Title: Date Added:
Wall tiling in adverse drying conditions.22-10-2015
Tiling with under floor heating or under tile warming.22-10-2015
Tiling with an uncoupling membrane.22-10-2015
Tiling uneven surfaces.22-10-2015
Tiling showers bathrooms and wet rooms.22-10-2015
Tiling onto wood.22-10-2015
Tiling onto plaster.22-10-2015
Tiling onto green screeds or concrete.22-10-2015
Tiling onto floating floors.22-10-2015
Tiling onto electrical under tile warming mats.22-10-2015
Tiling onto balconies.22-10-2015
Tiling onto anhydrite screeds.22-10-2015
Tiling in swimming pools.22-10-2015
Tile Fixing to Anhydrite Screeds.22-10-2015
Tile directly onto tongued and grooved boards or sheets.22-10-2015
Substrate diagnosis.22-10-2015
Structural waterproofing.22-10-2015
Specialist tiles.22-10-2015
Protecting a water sensitive substrate.22-10-2015
Impervious tiles or substrates.22-10-2015
Floor tiling with very large tiles.22-10-2015
External tiling.22-10-2015
Ceramic tiles transmit impact noise.22-10-2015
Advice for Tiling Swimming Pools.22-10-2015
Achieving a suitable adhesive bed.22-10-2015
Love Weber Rewards Tile Adhesive



Preparation products such as levelling compounds, primers and an under-tile tanking system.


Ready-mixed ceramic wall tile adhesives for all situations.


Cement-based tile adhesives for use in both internal and external areas, where higher levels of moisture are present, or if a flexible tile adhesive is required.


Grout and silicone sealant suited to a number of requirements and available in a range of colours to finish the job.