Q&A with our Jas

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

motor racing

Tea or coffee?


What fictional place would you most like to go?


What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

going to the moon

So what’s your favourite drink?

any whiskey based cocktail

Take-a-way and a movie or nightclub?

take away and movie, horror film and pizza

Can you do the floss?

I can floss like a boss

How often do you play sports?

unfortunately, due to injuries, my rugby career is over but I’m in the gym 3-4 times a week and do a boot camp on Saturday

What music are you into?

depends on my mood, from classical for long drives to industrial metal for the gym

What’s your dream car?

Aston Martin DB9

Do you prefer to hit the Beach or go out and explore?

explore for sure

What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

so what’s the deal with the 3 seashells?

What age do you wish you could permanently be?


What’s your ideal way to spend a weekend?

with the people closest to me eating junk food

What TV programme or film do you refuse to watch?

anything Bollywood

What’s your claim to fame?

I’m sniper trained

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

hit the gym, clanging and banging

What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hang gliding or white-water rafting?

done both and it’s rafting for sure

What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

found £250 at the bus stop

What did you think you would grow out of but haven’t?

trolling my sister on Facebook

What would be some of the most annoying things about having yourself as a roommate?

I don’t share anything

What irrational fear do you have?

falling down manhole covers

Finally, why is Low Dust Technology™ so great?

The answer is in the question, it’s a clean product in a messy business. When I’m mixing I can see into the bucket and work the clumps of powder to make sure I get a thorough mix to reduce waste

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